Jimi Hendrix by Doug Kaye
Sunday, May 12, 2019
Mr Love was a restaurant owned by my brother Tony, it opened 28th October 1967 i went to work there part time and then full time in 1968 when i heard that my idol Jimi Hendrix had moved into the flat above, he stayed there until September 16th 1969 when we received a letter from America stating he would not be returning, his ex-girlfriend Kathy stayed on until 4th June 1970. I worked there running it on my own from 23rd Jan 1970 until 21st March 1970 when it closed.

we still had the property and leased it out as a restaurant called "Dante" for a short while. Had some really good times there as it was a meeting place for many rock stars and celebs, sadly as we never really took pictures at that time these are a few of the ones that exist,. The building now has a Blue Plaque dedicated to Jimi which was organised by his girlfriend of that time, Kathy Etchingham. Before Jimi moved in it was best known as the residence of German-born British Baroque composer George Frederic Handel, and is now known as the Handel House Museum. They do regular tours of Jimi's flat although the building is totally different now and no trace of the restaurant exists ...

                  Doug Kaye on Vintage Vinyl with host Mark Punter

Posted on Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sunday, May 12, 2019
There are so many more individual stories to tell, like the time Keith Moon ran in after parking his rolls on the pavement and asked to buy glasses as all his were smashed, the night we had a private party for the cast of "Hair" the musical in 1968, the night our washer up wore one of Jimi’s stage costumes and walked into Claridge’s, also the same time a customer caused a bomb scare when Nixon was staying there, I gave Mark a brief list of people who came in to add to that list. The Bee Gees, Beach Boys, Byrds, Steppenwolf, Chris Wood and Dave Mason of Traffic, Ginger Baker, Eric Burdon, Madeline Bell, Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting who were in Romeo & Juliet, Scott Walker was a regular, I really need to dig deep in my memory and try to remember, there was a constant stream going up to Jimi’s flat including Roland Kirk, George Harrison, John Lennon
Doug Kayes trip down memory lane to 23 Brook St, and what an amazing job they have done recreating the flat where Jimi lived down to the last detail. It was fabulous to meet up with Kathy Etchingham after so many years and also to see my photos of Mr Love used on display.

The flat where Jimi Hendrix stayed in the 1960's has had a major restoration project - and it's now open to the public. We've been inside the Mayfair house which has been turned into an exact replica of the way it looked in 1969.

Barrie Wentzell and his daughter Saskia
Benjay Neal and Shasna Kaye
Doug Kaye in the hot seat
Doug with Barrie Wentzell
Drinks at Hush with Shasna Kaye
Jimi`s Bed
Madeline Bell and Kathy Etchingham reminiscing
Me looking at a young me, I was thrilled to see this as part of the display
One of a few guitars on display
Part of the display showing Mr Love and other streets of the West End
Perfect recreation
with Benjay Neal
with Madeline Bell and guitar historian Dr James Westbrook
with Madeline Bell
with Marcel Jimi Aeby , musician who played with Noel Redding and many more famous musician, also owns one of Jimis Marshall amps
Josh listening to some live Hendrix
Josh mocking the old man !
One of the velvet jackets on display, it had a tear where it got caught on his guitar during a live act
The B&W pic at the bottom is Angie Burdon the best friend of Kathy and a regular at the flat
Part of the record collection on display
There was a list of all the Uk gigs, I picked this out as it showed 26 Feb 1967 when he appeared at the Cliff Pavilion Southend
with Catherine Halcrow behind are the last remaining stairs that lead up to the kitchen, this has now been blocked off to accommodate the office for Handel Hendrix museum
with Christie ( author and historian) and Clare Marie Campbell (journalist)
with Kathy Etchingham Purple Haze!
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200 (7)
Photos courteously from Doug Kaye
Sunday, May 12, 2019

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